One of my biggest frustrations, not only in education, but in life really, pertains to glorifying issues.  I am very solution focused, I see a problem and I dive right in to fix it. Yes, I am reflective enough to know that this is not always a good thing; however, more times than not people come to me because I don’t stop when I see or encounter a roadblock….I push right through it to the other side.  I believe that is exactly what our legislators did when they passed Public Act 100-596 which created a short-term substitute option for Districts.

For years we, as educators, have heard about, felt or been personally impacted by the substitute teacher shortage across Illinois; well now we might have a solution!  The legislation has now created a Short Term Substitute License. If you are like me you are asking yourself what is the difference between the current substitute license, a short term license, and a paraprofessional license?


ETS ParaPro test
Educator License with Stipulations Endorsement Requirements

I hope that this table helps as a quick reference guide, please note that while short term substitutes can’t serve as paraprofessionals, those with a paraprofessional license may obtain a short term substitute license.  

The Kane County Regional Office of Education is here to help those interested in obtaining their short term substitute license!  On Monday, November 19th we will host the short-term substitute teacher training that is required to obtain your license! At the conclusion of this training our Educator Licensure Specialist will meet with participants to help set up an ELIS Account and complete all the required paperwork 🙂  

To register for this training, please click here to reserve your seat!  The training will be from 9-3 with lunch provided.  We hope to see you there! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, would like more information, or want to verify your qualifications for this license.  

Katie Algrim – Director of Innovative Professional Learning

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